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Our Story

Welcome!  I am Raven, the owner and curator of Mabel and Mary's Aromatherapy. For years, I have used aromatherapy to help with healing and relaxing the mind, body and soul. After suffering with depression for years, I realized, not only me but others needed help coping with mental health issues. When my late grandmother, Mary, ascended this earth I felt like my purpose here became bigger. She was a healing woman and used her food, spirit and awareness to help others. The name Mabel and Mary came from both of my grandmothers; to honor them and to give the world just what they gave me…LOVE! This brand uses the five senses to awaken your spirit to relaxation and peace.  It was especially important for me to create something that everyone can enjoy at home. Candles, oils and sprays create a different atmosphere for you and your home. To some it could be the only time you have alone and for others it can help lift your spirits. My mission is to offer products that heal, relax and give something uplifting to your home and body. Please understand that when you buy from us, we give you positive intentions and prayer. Mabel & Mary's was created to deliver aromatherapy to your front door! 

Yours Truly,

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